Project on livelihood improvement for small-scale natural honey producers in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh (Phase Ⅰ – Ⅲ)


This project aims to support sustainable livelihood of 50 small-scale natural honey producers in the Sundarbans. While conducting environmental education programs with local schools for biodiversity conservation, we provided technical trainings to the honey producers to improve their skills of preservation, value addition, marketing and branding of local natural honey products. In the long run, we target to achieve both the sustainable socio-economic development and the preservation of biodiversity in the area.

Trained local guide from Phobjikha

Project overview

PeriodFebruary 2016 – February 2018
SDGs SDGs 17
DonorMinistry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
CounterpartBangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), Bangladesh Environment and Development Society etc.


Brochure of natural honey products

Brochure of natural honey products