About us

Connect people,
nature and the society

Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) is a national NGO consists of varieties of people who are engaged or interested in promoting environmental education.

JEEF originated from “Kiyosato Meeting” held in 1987. In that year, people who hope to establish more nature schools in Japan got together and held “the first Kiyosato Environmental Education Forum.” Since then, “Kiyosato Meeting” has been held once a year which has contributed to broaden and deepen a network among people engaging in environmental education in Japan.

In 2010, JEEF became a Public Interest Incorporated Association by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. At present, JEEF has more than 1,000 members. We are engaged in disseminating nature schools in Japan and supporting environmental education in developing countries.


We believe that environmental education helps foster better relationships between people and people, society and nature. It thereby enhances our approach to achieve alternative lifestyle based on local community.

Toward creating a sustainable society, which is one of the most emerging global challenges, JEEF will promote variety of environmental education practices all over the world. To achieve this, JEEF commits to take an initiative in collaboration with various sectors.

What we do

The main objective of JEEF’s international projects is to create sustainable society in developing countries especially in Asia. JEEF’s approach is to enhance local communities’ livelihood in sustainable manner by applying environmental education techniques.

The Circulation with JEEF

We will create a virtuous circle toward a sustainable society by involving diverse participants.

Meet with us!

Would you like to meet with our friendly JEEF staffs who have interesting experiences all over the world? Do you want us to come to your school / institution / organization / company to give lectures? Please feel free to contact us!

Hiromasa Yamaguchi / Overseas Project Group Leader

Born in Saga prefecture, I worked as local governmental officer for three years. And, I joined JICA Volunteer. I did environmental education in schools of Peru for 2 years. In 2019, I started working in JEEF. I have joined several environmental education projects in Bhutan, China, Korea and Indonesia. My hobby is training in gym and watching movies in theathers. Nice to mee you.

Tatsuhiro KATO / Secretary General

Born in Nagoya, Tatsuhiro Kato worked as a JICA Environmental Education Volunteer in Jordan for 2 years after his graduation from the university. In JEEF, Tatsuhiro handles several environmental education projects in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Korea and Indonesia. He has experiences as a trainer in facilitation and participatory communication for several JICA programs.

Our History of International Projects

1987The first Kiyosato Meeting was held
1988Japan Environmental Education Forum was established
1999Indonesia Environmental Education Project has started
Indonesia Environmental Education Meeting was held
2000Tripartite Environmental Education Network (TEEN) project started
(China, Korea, and Japan)
2001TEEN database and East Asia database project started
2002Environmental Education Research in Thailand started
2004Environmental Education Workshop was held
Eco Asia Environmental Education Symposium was held
2005ACCU Environmental Education Workshop was held
2006ACCU Environmental Education Workshop was held
2008DENSO Youth for Earth Action started
2009Training for Developing Ecotourism by Utilizing Local Natural Resources in Asian Countries hstarted
2011Community-based Sustainable Tourism project in Bhutan started
2013Environmental education project started in Cambodia has started
Sustainable livelihood project started in Bangladish started
2017SATO YAMA UMI Project in Bhutan, Indonesia and Cambodia started