Tokyo Marathon 2021 CHARITY




● scheduled March 7, 2021 (Sun.) ●

Japan Environmental Education Forum is an official charity of the Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity.

About JEEF

(Donation-only : ※ Note, we are not accepting new Charity Runner for the 2021 event.


Donation Period: July 3, 2020  to  March 31, 2021

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− Environmental Education that leaves no one behind −

Amid the changes in society in recent years, such as declining birthrate, population aging, urbanization, working in double harness and an increase in single-parent households, there are fewer opportunities for children to grow up while accumulating various natural and social experiences on a daily basis in their community. In addition, there are growing number of adults who, due to various factors, spend the day not moving their body, having no contact with people, and not talking.
With the aim of “environmental education that leaves no one behind”, we will turn our eyes towards not only healthy people, but also to those who have difficulties, problems or worries in carrying on their daily life or social life, and will provide nature experience programs and hands-on learning programs that excite people’s motivation to learn, so that they can grow with confidence in themselves, carve out their future with their own hands, and become the leaders of a better society.
We would appreciate it if you would support our activities for environmental education that allow all of us to learn/grow from nature while interacting with nature.


TOKYO MARATHON 2021 CHARITY  ‘Run with Heart’

The Tokyo Marathon Charity program helps to provide more chances for those who support the Tokyo Marathon to think about social activities which eventually “unites” the hearts of each and every person with the society.

“Run with Heart” It is with this aspiration that the Tokyo Marathon Charity is organized.

 We are not looking for new Charity Runner in the Tokyo marathon 2021.
   However, we would appreciate it if you could support our various activities with a donation.


【MACHINE GUNS・ Shuichi Takizawa
 – Hello, I am Takizawa from the MACHINE GUNS.    Bang!!
I am a comedian and a waste collector.  Today, I want to give a big cheering message to Japan Environmental Education Form.   This organization’s mission is:  Love Nature, Share the Wonder to Our Children.
If you think about it, we as children have all benefited from the nature while playing in the fields, rivers, and woods. We used to catch beetles, keep them in insect cages, observing its life cycle, learn everything about life and death through them.   This kind of experience is essential for the children.   Especially now during the uncertain times, we really want the message to be passed on to the children.
I support JEEF through the Tokyo Marathon 2021’s charity.   Please join me.     Thank you “Run with Heart” !
 - VIDEO MESSAGE from Takizawa-san –


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 Application Form 【Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity Official Websitek】

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 July 3, 2020 to March 31, 2021
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 Japan Environmental Education Forum

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 Right now the world is in big trouble due to the coronavirus, so we hope that we can return to normal life, even if it’s only a day sooner.   We wish all of you to continue to stay safe and healthy.