About US

Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) Vision

We believe that environmental education, especially those emphasizing nature experiences, helps foster better relationships between people and nature, people and society, and people themselves. It thereby enhances our visions of and approaches to alternative lifestyles more rooted to local communities and increases the quality of our society.
  Toward creating a sustainable society, which is one of the most emerging global challenges, the JEEF commits itself to taking an initiative in exchanging and cooperating with various sectors for promoting a variety of environmental education practices and establishing related institutions.


Who we are

Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) is NGO consisting of people who are engaging or/and interested in environmental education. JEEF originated from “Kiyosato Meeting” held in 1987. In this year, people who hope to establish more nature schools in Japan got together and held “the first Kiyosato Environmental Education Forum.” Since then, “Kiyosato Meeting” has been held once a year which has contributed to broaden and deepen a network among people engaging in Environmental Education in Japan. In 2010, JEEF became a Public Interest Incorporated Association by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. At present, JEEF has more than 1000 members, and engaging in dissemination of environmental education/nature schools, and in support for environmental education in developing countries.

What we do

The purposes of the JEEF are; to research and provide opportunities for general public, especially younger generations to experience the beauty, diversity and wonder of the natural environment; 1) to develop and enhance the network of organizations as well as individuals for better communications in the field of environmental education; 2) to ensure learning opportunities for the instructors, experienced instructors, and the people who are interested in obtaining skills for experiential environmental/outdoor education; 3) to assist and conduct joint projects with other nations, especially developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region, to share the knowledge and experiences in this subject matter; 4) and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

Projects in overseas

1987 The first Kiyosato Meeting was held
1988 Japan Environmental Education Forum was established
1999 Indonesia Environmental Education Project started
Indonesia Environmental Education Meeting was held
2000 Tripartite Environmental Education Network (TEEN) project was started
(Chiba, Korea, and Japan)
2001 TEEN database, and East Asia database project
2002 Environmental Education Research in Thailand by Japan Bank for International Cooperation
2004 Environmental Education Workshop was held
Projects associated with JICA
Eco Asia Environmental Education Symposium was held
2005 ACCU Environmental Education Workshop was held
2006 ACCU Environmental Education Workshop was held