KNCF Environmental Leadership Course 2022


The SATO YAMA UMI Project will conduct an Environmental Leadership Course for youth who will be responsible for the future of the world in order to protect the future of the global environment. This program is designed for youth who are involved in the field of environmental conservation or who wish to be involved in the future.

In the course, participants will learn about the latest information on biodiversity conservation around the world, and learn about local conditions and activities from NGOs which work on various conservation sites in Southeast Asia.
This is a free online course of four sessions. Please join us! We look forward to your application.


【Purpose and Objectives】

This course provides relevant knowledge on environmental and biodiversity conservation, and knowledge enhancement for youth who is currently involved or planning to be involved in the field of conservation. Through the course, we aim to develop human resources who will be involved in environmental conservation worldwide in the future and support the creation of sustainable societies.


【What is the SATO YAMA UMI Project?】

From 2017 to 2020, Japan Environmental Education Forum, BirdLife International Tokyo, and Conservation International Japan collaborated to implement the SATO YAMA UMI Project.
Under this project, we worked to develop human resources in six countries in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan to promote the mainstreaming of biodiversity. In addition to human resource development overseas, the project also offered “Environmental Leadership Courses” and local internship programs in Japan to learn about the basics of environmental issues.
This year, as a successor to the SATO YAMA UMI Project, the Environmental Leadership Lecture Series will be held online with the aim of fostering a wider range of human resources.

Application Form 
Applications from the website must be received by 17:00(JST) on the day before the Lecture

Course Outline 

This course is open to participants who can attend all four sessions.
(If you are unable to attend all four sessions for various reasons, please attend as many sessions as you are able. However, no recordings will be distributed after the course is completed, so please be careful.)

Audience members will join from Japan, Southeast Asia and other foreign countries. Simultaneous Japanese-English interpreters will be provided for each lecture. Audience will be able to choose the language (Japanese or English).

For details on each course, please see the course descriptions below.




Every session will be held from 16:00 – 17:30 (JST).

Session 1  13, January, 2023 (Fri)
『Biodiversity Update: What’s Happening to the World’s Biodiversity in resent? 』

Session 2  25, January, 2023(Wed)
An introduction to approaches to biodiversity conservation around the world Learn about the field of conservation

Session 3  3, February, 2023(Fri)
Gaining New Perspectives on Biodiversity Conservation Activities. 

【ZoomURL for 3rd Session】


Pass code:461539

Session 4  17, February, 2023(Fri)To make your project a success – how to make a plan –

会場 Session 1-4 :ZOOM Webiner
Couse Description course descriptions】(Click here to see the details of each course)

・Those who are working in the field of environmental conservation and those who wish to be involved in conservation activities in the future.
・Those who want to work in the environmental field at NGOs, companies, etc. in the

Maximum Allowed

100 Participants (each session)

course fees  Free
How to apply


Please fill out the application form.

ZOOM URL will be sent 2 days before the session. 


co-sponsored by


Japan Environmental Education Forum 

Conservation International Japan  
BirdLife International Tokyo 



・All lectures are free, but participants are responsible for any communication charges incurred in viewing the lectures.

・For the protection of rights, no video recording, audio recording, or photography is permitted.

・We do not provide official recording to participants. Please make sure to attend all lectures on time. 

Japan Environmental Education Forum Name: Hiromasa Yamaguchi 
E-mail:satoyamaumi● (Please Change ● into @.)
※Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently doing remote working.