2 Oct 2011

Pakistan Institute of Labor Education & Research (PILER)

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Country / Region: Pakistan
Field of activities: Advocacy and Community Development
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Budget (US$): not specified
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Address: 435/46-D, Post Office Ismael Nagar, Green Colony Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 042-5822063 Fax: 92-51-2651512

Organization Structure

Date of Establishment:1982

Activity Area

Advocacy / Community Development / Conservation / Education / Network / Research / Training / Women Gender / Other (Labor)

Foundation (Budget)

Main Resources
  • Membership fee
  • Grants

Introduction of the Organization

Pakistan Institute of Labor Education & Research (PILER). PILER works for the uplift of working people through Education, Research, and Advocacy. We also maintain data, news, journal publications, books and other resource material on labor and related issues. Our main focus is Pakistan but we are also involved in regional and international initiatives.Objective:
The Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research (PILER) was founded in 1982 as a non-official and non-profit making body by a number of concerned individuals belonging to the trade union movement, academia and professionals from all walks of life. It has worked to create a socio-political order in which the real potential of working people is fully realized and their efforts are rewarded justly. Thus the role of this body has been to inform, motivate and mobilize this rather large but neglected section of society through intellectual and social action with the following aims and objectives.
1. To function as an educational, cultural and literary institution for the uplift of working people.
2. To organize and produce original research works on various sociological, economic, political and legal issues concerning Pakistan and developing countries.
3. To print and publish research material, periodicals and books.
4. To organize training courses in performing arts and undertake cultural activities.

Partnership With

  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Centre for Education and Communication
  • Asia Pacific Forum on Women
  • Law and Development (APFWLD)
  • Colombo and Informal Sector Service Centre

Regular Environmental Education / Education for Sustainable Development Programs

Title Place Operational features
Workers Education Program Designed on the basis of the recommendations of an international workshop attended by trade unionists and intellectuals from all over the country as well as labor education experts from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Netherlands.
Training of Trainers Workshops For trade union leaders and partner organizations to make workers’ education more viable and self-sustaining for them.
Various other Education Programs


Type Title Publisher
Articles The Bomb & the Pakistani Economy
Articles Debt Profile PILER
Articles Child Labor in Hazardous Industries PILER
Articles International Trade and Pakistan: A Profile PILER
Articles Prevalence of Eye Injuries in the Lath Machine Operators PILER

Plans for the next 5 years

A two-year research agenda was drawn up by PILER and the research team began to carry it out. The topics on which the research has already been completed or is in progress or will be undertaken shortly are listed below:
- Causative Factors of Child Labor
- Structural Adjustment and its Impact on Women
- History of the Trade Union Movement in Pakistan
- Political Economy of Privatization
- Poverty in Pakistan
- Agrarian Issues
- Political Economy of the State
- Labor Migration in Pakistan
- Trade
- ILO Conventions and Pakistan

Self Evaluation

We are equally working to help poor people and for conservation of environment. We are in need to various supports.

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