2 Oct 2011

Korea Environmental Preservation Association

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Country / Region: Korea
Organization Tags: K
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Address: 6th Fl. East Branch BL. Seoul Chamber of Commerce & Industry 497-66 Dapshinni 5-dong, Dongdaemoon-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip:130-805)
Tel: 82-2-2249-5265 Fax: 82-2-2249-5279
URL: http://www.epa.or.kr Email: happy772@epa.or.kr?

Organization Structure

Date of Establishment:?1978
Number of Staff:?20
Name of Director:?Park, Yongsung

Activity Area

Foundation (Budget)

Foundation:?0 (0 US Dollar) (Fiscal Yr. )
Annual Budget:?0 (0 US Dollar) (Fiscal Yr. )
Account Settlement:?0 (0 US Dollar) (Fiscal Yr. )
Main Resources

Introduction of the Organization

- To contribute to the development of healthy environment in Korea through research, survey, technical development, education and public information on the preservation of environment.

Regular Environmental Education / Education for Sustainable Development Programs

Title Place Operational features
Environment Life of Chorongee, Children’s environmental education program Publicity & Education Hall within Environmental Preservation Association *Watching Publicity and Education Hall
*Audio and Video Test
*School activities and fairy tales
*The environmental preservation activities that we can do
Environmental Technique Assistance Environmental Preservation Association *Improving ability to manage environment.
*Environmental education program for environment managers of emission companies
Training Environmental Control Engineer by Korea Environmental Laws Environmental Preservation Association *Training programs for environmental engineers, industrial waste managers, excretions treatment managers, and air quality managers.
Re-education for National Certified Environmental Engineer Environmental Preservation Association Performing special lectures and workshops.


Type Title Price Publisher
Periodicals Environmental Preservation Paper

Plans for the next 5 years

This program will be driven continuously in the future and some more various programs will be developed so that kindergartens can participate in the programs.

Self Evaluation

At present there is no place for environmental education for kindergarten children. Therefore, this organization can help children to form environment-friendly life habits and have influence on children’s parents.

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